Organization of Dominican Haitian Cooperation



We call attention to the plight of marginalized people who live in bateys in the northern Dominican Republic. We reduce barriers to inclusion and increase access to basic human services to create opportunities and improve quality of life in these communities. Our holistic approach addresses community needs in public health, education, socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. We are a model for those with similar goals who work with the rural, ethnically marginalized poor.


Marginalized people living in bateys, shantytowns by sugar plantations, will gain inclusion in Dominican society.

The Problem

We are trying to eliminate the marginalization of people who live in rural, invisible impoverished communities near sugar plantations that lack access to basic human services.  There are 34 of these bateys in the northern region, each with roughly 500 residents.  Bateys have some of the worst living conditions in the country, including no potable water, no electricity, no means of waste disposal, constant surveillance and policing by… authorities, [and] endemic diseases.


OCDH is a non-governmental, not-for-profit humanitarian and economic development organization founded with a mission to assist, empower, and help firmly establish a productive and self-sustainable environment for the most vulnerable communities within the Dominican Republic, located in the bateys of the northern region of the country.